The Southern California Chevelle Camino Club

006_18AThe Southern California Chevelle Camino Club (SCCCC) is made up of Chevelle and El Camino car enthusiasts from the Southern California region. The purpose and goal of the Club is to assist Chevelle and El Camino enthusiasts in the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of these historical vehicles, whether stock or modified.

You don't have a Chevelle or EC? No problem as we welcome anyone who has an admiration for them.

Another Club goal is to have fun! The SCCCC has meets and cruises throughout the year, including drag races at Southern California tracks. Check out the Calendar section for upcoming club events and check the Documents section for event flyers.

Become a member of SCCCC and you'll automatically receive a monthly newsletter plus, if you have an email address, you'll receive a weekly email with information about upcoming events.

The SCCCC also encourages the participation of folks who are new to the Chevelle hobby, including spouses of Chevelle addicts, teenagers and other young people interested in classic Chevy muscle, and older long-ago car nuts experiencing mid-life crises.

This Web site is designed to help keep SCCCC members up to date on Club business and other Southern California Chevelle activities as well as introduce non-members to the Club, its members and its goals. Not only is the Club seeking new members in Southern California, but we also encourage Chevelleheads from out of town to drop us a line and let us know if they would like to get together with SCCCC members the next time they are in Southern California.